Programme Description

This programme is a joint venture pioneered by mathematics educators and research mathematicians. It is a two-year course offered by the Faculty of Education in association with the Department of Mathematics. The programme takes full advantage of collaboration between two academic units on the same campus, and targets potential and practising mathematics teachers in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools. Its aim is to upgrade programme participants’ subject content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. It is particularly designed to meet the needs of those with an interest in both mathematics and the teaching profession who wish to pursue further studies.

The programme comprises mathematics, education and mathematics education components. In the mathematics component, participants are required to take three Master-level courses offered by the Mathematics Department to ensure mathematics knowledge and competency that exceed the undergraduate level. Participants are equipped with professional knowledge of curriculum studies and mathematics education. Courses on mathematics education focus on mathematics teaching, learning, curricula and assessment in the context of the educational reforms taking place worldwide. Participants have the option to conclude their studies by conducting action research, thereby generating knowledge for the professionalisation of teaching.